Who We Are

About Reach the Youth Uganda

Reach the Youth Uganda (RTY) is a youth focused non-government organization founded in 2004.
Its programme beneficiaries are in and out of school children; youth and women below 30 years, key populations, Women prisoners etc.
The youth experience high level of HIV/AIDS/STDS, are socio-economically poor, lack employable skills and experience human rights abuses.


A world where the youth have an opportunity to maximize their potential and influence decisions that affect their lives.


To partner with youth to contribute to the process of enabling them to access opportunities and make right
choices for sustainable life.


  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Innovativeness
  • Mutual Respect and
  • Professionalism


  • Young people-centred,
  • Youth participation,
  • Learning,
  • Integrated,
  • Gender-sensitive,
  • Investing in staff and volunteers,
  • Accountability and
  • Respect for the environment.
Reach the Youth Uganda